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Still worried that great ideas will be difficult to realize?

We are a group of passionate technical people, delivering programs to client organizations with extraordinary missions, introducing innovative thinking and technical consulting services. The GogoShark technical team will help you create the next great idea and use technology to realize it. It only takes a few weeks to complete this, not a few years.

Has been at the forefront of the rapidly changing information field.
The core technology is presented to you here.

Like beautiful code? So are we!

The following are the programming technologies that we are deeply fascinated by: PHP + Laravel, Python, Node.js, Go lang, Swift, Javascript/ CSS/ HTML5, React/ React Native…

Powerful content management system WordPress

Currently, WordPress is used to set up web pages, and its global market share has reached 45%. The various plug-ins and continuous updates developed by its open source community have made WordPress not only a blogger tool but also one of the business web designs that companies love to use.

Responsive Web Design

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, Internet users with mobile devices have exceeded 60% website traffic in 2015. The GogoShark team began to study responsive web design (RWD) and interactive development capabilities as early as 2012 and has repeatedly won international Awwwards The recognition of awards.

Technical advantages

Web development

The core team of GogoShark is an innovator from the Internet industry in Taiwan-Chuan, a team dedicated to open source community and agile development. They are good at using frameworks, tools, and web front-end technologies to create compelling websites.

RWD website

The HTML5+CSS3 RWD self-adapted web page creation that complies with the network standardization is also compatible with the resolution of mobile phones, iPads and other portable devices, so that your visitors can achieve the best browsing experience.

technical support

Our webpage strives for perfect technology. The design team always strives for excellence, uses pioneering tools to assist the project process, and ensures that the website after the customer goes online can be stable, and quickly enter your website, so that your visitors can quickly experience the Internet.

When technology becomes the determinant of differentiation

When fast-changing technology becomes an obstacle to the development of your industry, with years of industry experience and professional team, we have assisted various well-known industries to stand out from their industries, from meeting expectations to becoming excellence.

– Nina, Director of Happiness at Tenten

You only need to focus on the changes in market trends, and leave the rest to us

High-end website construction has very high requirements for system security, operating speed, and operating efficiency. The GogoShark web design team has rich experience in this area, so the requirements for the construction of a website are much more complicated than general websites. We will build a fast and safe WordPress background management system for you.

success case

Our web technology and web visual design create unique and imaginative digital visual experiences for our customers, and make their brands stand out. This often depends on many design details and persistence in aesthetics.

Cloud hosting service

Specializes in assisting enterprises to become enterprise cloud affiliates through Amazon Web Services' global cloud products, including computing, storage, database, analysis, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications. These services can help organizations operate faster, reduce IT costs and expand.

RWD website development

In response to the advent of the "multi-screen era" improvement solutions to adapt to the screen size, adjust web content, zoom, rearrange, or make websites perfectly present on different devices, RWD (Responsive web design) has become a must-have development trend for web designers and developers. Technology concept.