From zero to something, GogoShark web company takes care of the big and small things of website construction for you

Whether your business is just starting, getting on track, or planning to expand into the Greater China region, the GogoShark team will provide a full range of services to tailor your digital brand image.

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Mayrin is a boutique real estate developer in China, and has repeatedly won the top 50 real estate companies in Jiangsu Province-China Meilin Group. Assist in the design and production of an international image website for its entry into the Australian real estate market. Successfully walked out of China and entered the Australian market.

Web design and development

It’s as simple as that to build a cute website

  • Professional design suggestions and planning, let your entrepreneurial road start from the beginning
  • Rich theme version, including various industries, with complete functions
  • We will research and understand your brand and style in depth to make your website unique
  • GogoShark's web design team has repeatedly won foreign design awards
  • Design-development-marketing, one-stop to meet your business needs
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Really recommend

SL-Motor is the largest locomotive general agent in the North District, exclusively providing KYMCO KYMCO's complete technician team and operating system to provide you with the highest quality maintenance and after-sales service.
"Thanks to GogoShark web company for helping us build the website. The optimization of keywords allows many people to search for us. There are more than two thousand visitors every day, so we have endless phone calls every day, and the sales scope has expanded from the north. As far as the whole Taiwan is concerned, we can increase sales without having to spend on keyword advertising. I am very happy that I have chosen GogoShark as a professional team! "
CEO, SL-Motor
Yao Zhenyi
Tiantian Organic Fruits and Vegetables is an online shopping platform for organic fruits and vegetables founded in 2014. With a passion and professionalism, the store manager insists on providing only non-toxic organic fruits and vegetables, which has been loved by many customers.
"Two years ago, I was fortunate to find the e-commerce platform that GogoShark web company helped me build. Now our website has developed into one of Taiwan's leading online organic vegetable and fruit delivery platforms, and website orders have become an integral part of our business. Thank you GogoShark web company for allowing us to break out of the siege among many fruit and vegetable delivery platforms and achieve great results."
Store Manager, Tiantian Fruits and Vegetables
Sua Lee
OneCutter comes from Central Taiwan and is a hand tool manufacturer with 20 years of experience. Its products are mainly exported to the United States and sold in Walmart and other chain channels. In recent years, it has exported its products to more places through its website.
"Three years ago, because of the industrial transformation, I found GogoShark web company to build the official brand website. From brand planning to website structure, it helped OneCutter re-plan. Thank you GogoShark web company for helping us to renovate the brand image of traditional industries. The website's SEO optimization is also Let more people find us and expand orders to all over the world."
Ceo, Onecutter
Antony Yang
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products and services

  • Cloud hosting

  • Set up a website

  • E-commerce

  • Customer Support

  • URL

We provide professional and high-quality hosting services, which are suitable for all kinds of site requirements. Whether you are a personal account, a small and medium-sized enterprise, a technology startup, or a large e-commerce website, you can meet your needs through the various services we provide.


GogoShark web company attaches great importance to customer communication. We provide a variety of fully functional themes to meet the styles and needs of various types of industries. In addition, your website will be suitable for browsing on various mobile devices. With a complete website building process, and a professional marketing team to give advice at any time, everything has become much easier!

Various themes:

E-commerce websites have very high requirements for system security, operating speed, and operating efficiency. Therefore, the construction of a website is much more complicated than a general website. The GogoShark web design team has more than ten years of rich experience in this area. It will build a fast and safe e-commerce platform for you, provide you with a powerful front-end and back-end management system, and track all feedback in real time, and it can also match your original The back-end systems (database system, financial system) are connected in series.


  • WooCommerce
  • Shopline

Professional technical support is the backing of the smooth operation of the website. From the first step of building the website, the GogoShark team will work side by side with you to solve all the incurable problems in building and using the website. The most convenient is that GogoShark web design company not only has a localized management team, so you don't have to worry about language communication barriers. Our experience in serving international companies can also be used in the layout of your overseas business.

A successful website must start with the domain name. The domain name is the address of the webpage, and the user's first impression of the website. GogoShark provides hundreds of domains, from the most popular .com and .co to innovative domain names such as .club and .link. We will help you find a unique domain name for your website.

Unleash brand potential

You only need to focus on the changes in market trends, and leave the rest to us

  • Visualized webpage: meticulous UI/UX design, friendly user experience, making customers more and more comfortable
  • SEO optimization: Bring consumers to the product and reach the top of search
  • Powerful CMS back-end system: It’s easy to manage orders and put goods on and off shelves
  • Marketing analysis and evaluation: Through GA reports, one-handed control of website traffic and conversion rate
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Not just a good-looking website design

The website is only part of a digital brand. You also need a strong brand visual image to truly connect with customers. The professional design and development team of GogoShark web design company has rich experience in brand planning. What we build is not just a website that conforms to the corporate image, but a service that can truly create value for you.

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We look forward to completing the best work for you in the most efficient way, and have a place in the digital field with you, and we are ready to create a bright website for you.

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