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The price of each service of GogoShark is completely transparent,
And can customize the project according to your budget to create a dazzling website for you
We believe that high-quality web pages can produce different benefits for you

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Flexible and customized web design to make your brand stand out

Customized webpage

After you choose the style of your website, our experienced web design team will provide customized design services. Therefore, the content and layout of the website will be more perfect, not just a copy.

VPS virtual dedicated server

Browsing speed is the key to the success of the website. We master the latest host technology, provide solid state drive (SSD), DNS control and settings, 99.99% Uptime SLA, and can choose the United States, Europe, Asia and other regions to speed up use in different regions The viewer’s browsing speed.

SSL certificate

We will assist you in applying for an indispensable SSL security certificate for e-commerce platforms, ensuring the security of domains and subdomains, easily improving the security level of your website, and helping to optimize SEO and improve your website's search ranking.

China ICP License

If you want to expand your business to the Chinese market, your website must be reported to the Chinese government and obtained an "ICP License" before it can be viewed smoothly, just like a website's identity card. Don't worry about cumbersome application procedures and long waits, let us handle everything easily.

Why should you choose GogoShark?

When it comes to price, we are definitely not the cheapest, but when it comes to design, we dare to say it is one of the best.

Our work has not only been selected for many times and won the favor of the Oscar "Awwwards" in the web design industry. The members of the GogoShark web design team are also experts in the digital field for more than ten years. Taiwan listed companies, international startups, large-scale E-commerce platforms have been our customers. With the comprehensive support of professional design team and development technology, we are confident that your website will become the most effective marketing tool.

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