SSL certificate

Highly encrypted information transmission through 2048-bit connection

Security mechanism recognized by 99.9% browsers and devices

Protect your domain and subdomain
Save time and simplify the application process

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

  • Payment is safe and confidential

    SSL is a standard security technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. SSL has been widely used on millions of websites to provide protection for customers' online transactions.
    Due to network security issues, as many as 24% customers are unwilling to trade online. SSL can ensure the security and integrity of all data passing through the web server and browser.

  • Protect your website

    The client's browser will use a lock symbol to let your client know that they are currently on a link protected by SSL encryption. Click the lock icon to display the SSL certificate and details.
    A fully set up SSL can also improve the ranking of the website in the Google search engine. All SSL certificates are issued by companies or individuals with legal capacity.

  • Protect customer information security

    The SSL certificate will contain your basic information. When the browser connects to a secure site, it will check the site's SSL certificate, and check whether the certificate is valid or expired, and whether it is issued by a certification authority trusted by the viewer.
    If any of the above conditions are not met, a warning message will be displayed on the end user's browser to inform the user that this site is not protected by SSL, and the user will have doubts about the security of your website.

comodo creating trust online


    TWD$2880 / year
    • Comodo SSL
    • 1 domain name
    • Applicable to studios and personal websites
    • Domain authentication

    TWD$9880 / year
    • Comodo SSL
    • One certificate applies to multiple subdomains
    • Save individual certificate application costs
    • Company bank number, e-commerce application
    • Domain authentication
  • EV SSL

    TWD$26880 / year
    • Comodo SSL
    • Green address bar strengthens browsing willingness
    • 1 domain name
    • The highest level of security protection enterprise, e-commerce application
    • Certificate indicates corporate brand information
    • Assist companies to apply for EV certification
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