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Professional and fast web production process

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1. Choose a style template

Choose a style template according to your industry orientation, fill out the form on the website and send it directly after you have selected it. If there is no suitable version or you are not sure about the direction to choose, please contact us directly.

2. Personal contact

After receiving the form, the project staff will take the initiative to contact you. After understanding your expectations for the website and additional requirements, we will draw up a detailed quotation.

3. Upload data

After confirming the quotation and completing the payment, please upload the required information (text, pictures) of the website to the cloud drive or send a letter to the customer service mailbox. After the project personnel confirm that the information is correct, the web page will be designed.

Delivery in 14 working days

You will receive your website in 14 working days.
Any questions are welcome

4. Confirm design and layout planning

We will provide all web design and web layout planning at this stage. After you confirm that they are correct, we will enter the website development stage after you pay the second payment.

5. The website is online

After the website is tested correctly and officially launched, you will be waiting for the final payment.

6. Free warranty

Free warranty detailed maintenance and modification within one month after the case is closed.

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SL-Motor is the largest locomotive general agent in the North District, exclusively providing KYMCO KYMCO's complete technician team and operating system to provide you with the highest quality maintenance and after-sales service.
"Thanks to GogoShark for helping us design the website. The optimization of keywords allows many people to search for us. There are more than 2,000 visits every day, which allows us to have inquiries on the phone every day, and the sales scope extends from the north to the entire Taiwan. Everywhere, you can increase sales without even spending on keyword advertising. I am really lucky to choose such a professional team of GogoShark! ”
CEO, SL-Motor
Yao Zhenyi
Sherry, known as Sister S from the rivers and lakes, joins the headhunting industry by chance after a short time as an engineer. She is also a backpacker and business week columnist who travels and wanders three times a year. After work, he runs a blog with millions of popularity.
"In the past, I used Pikerbang as a blogging platform. Although the communication efficiency was not bad, it was not easy to read, organize and customize. In short, it was ugly. Thanks to GogoShark for not only helping me move all the old articles, but also designing In order to meet the professional and life-conscious image I want, I will present a more complete Sister S to everyone."
Writer/Hunter Head Consultant,
Tiantian Organic Fruits and Vegetables is an online shopping platform for organic fruits and vegetables founded in 2014. With a passion and professionalism, the store manager insists on providing only non-toxic organic fruits and vegetables, which has been loved by many customers.
"Two years ago, I was fortunate to find the e-commerce platform that GogoShark helped me build. Now our website has developed into one of Taiwan's leading online organic vegetable and fruit home delivery platforms, and website orders have become an integral part of our business. Thank you GogoShark Let us break out of the siege among the many fruit and vegetable home delivery platforms and create success."
Store Manager, Tiantian Fruits and Vegetables
Sua Lee
little helper
If you have any questions during the process, you need someone to consult. Welcome to email or call the customer service line.