Design team with affirmative awards

We are good at introducing online marketing thinking when designing a website

Grab the customer's attention at first sight

Touching people through design, design thinking is not just about style – our design team focused on branding and user experience, through the use of high-efficiency production tools, let us focus on innovative products/innovative content/external environment/work flow. Let the entire web design production process be completed in only 14 working days! Before the official launch, the site structure was checked and accepted in the environment, and the actual operation and modification requirements were immediately put forward. Domain and host related settings? Let us handle it all! Making a good website is that simple.

Technical advantages

Brand image website

We create unique and imaginative digital experiences for our customers to make their brands stand out. This often depends on many design details and persistence in aesthetics.

Corporate website

Highlight the corporate image, company profile, and product introduction to impress users and increase their willingness to browse. In addition, GogoShark's unique SEO technology allows companies' product or service keywords to enhance their commercial exposure.


Unlike the free templates provided by blogs on the market that cannot enhance personal characteristics according to needs, GogoShark's customized blog webpage design effectively highlights personal image, strengthens promotion, accelerates fan growth and enhances professional image.

Do you want a website that is loved by customers, wins their trust and can develop business?

As long as you find a competent designer, a website with basic functions can be successfully launched in less than a few days. A website that has a way to achieve commercial performance can often last for 5 years or longer. Therefore, this will be one of the most effective investments you have ever made.

Full-service support team

Not sure what your needs are? Or do you need more design services? Our partners have experts from many different professional fields. From professional photography, film shooting, brand design and planning, we can always meet the needs of customers. The mission of these experts is to make your business or brand look unique. different.

Chang 転

The main core team of GogoShark – Chang 転. It is one of the few teams in Taiwan with both UX thinking/marketing/brand design and new product development experience. As a result, it has been nominated for many times by the international award Awwwards. The reason for the establishment of GogoShark is to use its past experience in successfully serving multinational companies to assist Taiwan's small and medium enterprises in digital transformation and successfully drive business.

DC Films

Dream Catcher is an all-round solution agency for professional photography. Since its establishment in 2010, it has been repeatedly favored by well-known brands in advertising marketing and building brand image. In addition, he puts his heart and soul into the production of micro-films, using the penetrating power of the story to make the images unique, and emphasizes high quality in the specialized field of filming, and proposes deeply rooted, innovative and creative content.

Good design price, we have the same idea as you

NT$ from 69,000

Celebrate the opening of GogoShark service, starting from today, enjoy hosting and website free rental for one year (limited quota)

No matter which industry you are in, money is always spent on the cutting edge, except for excellent design services
GogoShark’s prices for each service are completely transparent, and projects can be flexibly customized according to your budget

success case

We create unique and imaginative digital experiences for our customers to make their brands stand out. This often depends on many design details and persistence in aesthetics.

RWD website development

In response to the advent of the "multi-screen era" improvement solutions to adapt to the screen size, adjust web content, zoom, rearrange, or make websites perfectly displayed on different devices, RWD (Responsive web design) has become a necessary development trend and technology for web developers concept.

Price plan

The price of a good design, we have the same as you think. GogoShark will customize the project price for you according to your needs, and create a good design that fits your budget. Where to find such good things?